Site Overhaul

08 Nov 2015 . Site . Comments

#jekyll #dbc

So as I wrap up my time in Phase0 of DevBootCamp. I would like to take a moment to talk about, how I went about ripping out my hand made CSS and moved to Twitter Bootstrap styled site with the Jekyll frame work. I wish I could say it was easy to to move from a non framework based site to one that is generated by Jekyll. However I think that the advantages that I will discuss in this post will show why using a framework saves time in the long run. All the administrative things that one has to do to keep a site up to date are drastically simplified by using a framework. Using the Liquid template engine one can create place holders for pages.

Heres the cool thing about Jekyll. All my blog posts are in markdown format. Which anyone who has worked with markdown before, its a hell a lot easier then having to remember to constantly close tags. In addition the CSS and styling has been separated into the includes and layouts of the site. Allowing me to just focus on content, when composing a new post.

Till next time.